Terminal services

Wega’s trained professionals take care of versatile terminal services

With our can-do attitude we handle following services:

  • Everyday terminal operations
  • Terminal maintenance
  • Operational development
  • Smooth logistic chains

Our work is guided by:

  • High standards for health, safety and environmental (HSE) management
  • Real time data transfer through modern digital solutions
  • Ensuring transparency to our clients

HSEQ objectives

Environmental objectives:

  • No oil spills to ground or to water system
  • Minimising amounts of oil to sea (from pumping of leakage waters)
  • Minimising noise and vibrations
  • Minimising the amount of waste generated

Occupational Health and Safety Objectives:

  • The objective is to create a safe and healthy working environment
  • All employees commit to zero accident principle
  • All employees are given the opportunity to develop their know-how above the required level

Quality Objectives:

  • The aim is to achieve high customer satisfaction on products and services and to be accepted by neighbours and the society
  • We want to keep our personnel competent, enthusiastic and abled as well as our operations safe, effective and profitable

Interested? Please contact us.

Ville Lehtonen
Terminal Manager
+358 50 440 9960

Jussi Ruikka
+358 50 331 7920

Kristian Olkkola
Terminal Operator

Jimi Päivinen
Terminal Operator

Roope Hyväkkä
Terminal Operator